Davenport Downs Station

Davenport Downs Station Details

Region Channel Country - South West Queensland
Property Type Cattle fattening
Land Size 1,510,000 ha
Carrying Capacity Approximately 25,000 AE
Average Annual Rainfall 257 mm/year
Purchased 2009
Staff 10

Davenport Downs is both Paraway’s biggest property and the largest cattle station in Queensland.  It consists of two original properties; Davenport Downs, purchased in 2009, and Springvale, purchased in 2011.  Together, the aggregation forms a 1.5 million hectare cattle fattening operation with the capacity to carry over 25,000 head.  Davenport is a linchpin in the Paraway cattle operation, receiving the bulk of its cattle from Armraynald and Gregory Downs.

Davenport is predominantly Mitchell grass downsland and channel country. In addition to a network of dams and bores, the Diamantina River and Farrahs Creek transect the property.  Beyond providing a source of water through the year, these waterways annually flood approximately a quarter of the property during the wet season, producing a reliable supply of feed.

The main homestead is located at Davenport Downs, which is complete with staff quarters, station kitchen and a recreational club.