Malvern Hills Station

Malvern Hills Station Details

Region Central Queensland
Property Type Cattle growing
Land Size 50,070 ha
Carrying Capacity Approximately 8,000 AE
Average Annual Rainfall 553 mm/year
Purchased 2011
Staff 3

Malvern Hills was added to the Paraway family of cattle stations in July 2011.  By aggregating the properties of Malvern Hills, Maree Downs and Allambie, Paraway established a 50,070 hectare cattle growing operation in the heart of Queensland.

Ideally situated in central Queensland, the acquisition of the Malvern hills properties added significantly to Paraway’s ability to grow out and finish its cattle from the northern breeding properties.  The property’s location enables the company to expand its access to domestic markets.  This allows it to capitalise on changing market patterns and weather conditions and to sell cattle throughout the year.

The property is predominantly open downs country consisting of Mitchell, Flinders and Buffell grasses interspersed with Gidgee and Boree timber.
Since joining the Paraway team, Malvern Hills has begun building modern improvements and updating facilities right across the property.