Tanbar Station

Tanbar Station Details

Region Northern Australia
Property Type Cattle growing
Land Size 1,021,904ha
Carrying Capacity 23,000
Average Annual Rainfall 220mm
Purchased 2016
Staff 14

Acquired by Paraway in 2016, Tanbar is a large scale cattle growing operation on the Cooper Creek in the channel country of western Queensland. Tanbar is an important part of the sucess of the Paraway’s Northern¬†breeding operations, receiving the bulk of its cattle from Rocklands, which are grown out for markets on the East coast.

Tanbar consists of some 1 million hectares, to the south west of Windorah. The property also includes the outstation of Mt Howitt, where Tanbar’s assistant manager Paul Everingham is based. The Cooper Creek flows through Tanbar and floods out a significant portion of the property each year, as well as feeding into the ephemeral Lake Yamma Yamma, providing a natural irrigation system for pasture production.