Burmah Station

Burmah Station Details

Region Northern NSW
Property Type Finishing
Land Size 4,187ha
Carrying Capacity 48,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall 765mm/year
Purchased 2016
Staff 3

Burmah is located approximately 10km from the township of Graman and 55km from Inverell. The property is used to finish Angus cattle bred on Paraway’s breeder properties to the west.  As an aggregation of 3 local properties – Burmah, Burmah Downs and Arakoola Springs – the property is undergoing significant development to run as a single, integrated operation.

Burmah sits at an elevation of 550 metre and consists of gently undulating hills with the majority of the property developed with improved pastures and fodder cropping. With a summer dominant average annual rainfall of 765mm it is ideally positioned to finish cattle bred on our breeder properties and deliver prime quality cattle to our customers in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.