Buttabone Station

Buttabone Station Details

Region Central New South Wales
Property Type Cattle breeding and fattening
Land Size 28,783 ha
Carrying Capacity 45,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall 449 mm/year
Purchased 2010
Staff 3

Buttabone Station was purchased by Paraway in 2010 as an expansion of the company’s Northern New South Wales beef program.  The property breeds and raises Angus cattle which are sold directly to local markets.

Buttabone’s flat expanses of grassy plains, rich black soil, reliable water points and its temperate seasons make it an ideal setting for finishing the property’s easy-doing Angus cattle.  The station’s complex network of paddocks allows Buttabone to carefully manage the distribution of its herd, and well-built laneways and new cattle yards enables the staff to quietly and safely work the stock.

As the aggregate of two original pastoral holdings, Buttabone and Buttabone Stud Park, Buttabone has houses and cottages dispersed across the property, providing homes for the staff and their families.