Borambil Station

Borambil Station Details

Region Northern Riverina New South Wales
Property Type Merino sheep breeding, cattle backgrounding and cropping
Land Size 14,434 ha
Carrying Capacity Approximately 38,700 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall 444 mm/year
Purchased 2008
Staff 4

Borambil was one of Paraway’s early properties, purchased in 2008.  The property consists of 12,935 hectares and is primarily focused on Merino sheep and lamb production.  Some cropping is also carried out, producing wheat, barley and lucerne.

Borambil is an aggregation of five original properties; East Borambil, Ellerslie, Grassmere, Mooney Park and Borambil Park which were all aggregated under the banner of Borambil Station.  The property has land that fronts the Lachlan River, the Wallamundry Creek and the Wallaroi Creek, which, along with the bores, allows the property to be very well watered.  This same water supply maintains several water licenses that support the property’s irrigated crop land.

The land is mostly flat and gently undulating in parts and is well-fenced to allow for controlled and well-managed stock movement and handling.  Borambil’s flock is a self-replicating ewe flock with rams purchased from Pooginook Station.  Surplus ewes are sold within Paraway or direct to market.