Pooginook Station

Pooginook Station Details

Region Riverina New South Wales
Property Type Stud Merino sheep breeding and cropping
Land Size 19,656 ha
Carrying Capacity Approximately 19,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall 383 mm/year
Purchased 2007
Staff 5

Pooginook was the first property purchased by Paraway in 2007.  A historic Merino stud, it is a hallmark of the Riverina region in New South Wales.  Today, Pooginook Station comprises 19,656 hectares of native and irrigated grazing land formed from an aggregation of two original pastoral holdings; Pooginook and Stud Park North.

Pooginook is a leading Merino Stud in Australia currently running 6,000 stud Merino and Poll ewes and producing 1200 Merino and Poll rams annually. The Pooginook bloodline is renowned for a dual purpose sheep that combines good growth, high fertility and excellent 18-19 micron wool production. Extensive DNA testing in 2016 has enabled further advancement in the accuracy of the ram breeding enterprise. Through continual benchmarking, careful selection and excellent husbandry

Each year the property hosts an annual ram sale on the last Tuesday in September where Pooginook Merino and Poll rams are auctioned.  Semen is also available for sale from leading Pooginook special stud sires.

For more information about the Pooginook bloodline, including display dates and the auction catalogue, go to www.pooginook.com.