The Bulls Run Station

The Bulls Run Station Details

Region Southern New South Wales
Property Type Mixed farming
Land Size 6,880 ha
Carrying Capacity Approximately 20,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall 482 mm/year
Purchased 2007
Staff 4

The Bulls Run is a renowned property in the Riverina region of New South Wales.  Purchased in 2007, it is one of Paraway’s original holdings.  The property consists of 6,880 hectares and is primarily focused on lamb production and cropping.

The Bulls Run’s rolling hills, open river flats and timber stands make this property as picturesque as it is productive.  With 40 kilometres of frontage to the Murrumbidgee River, it has the added advantage of being reliably watered throughout the year.

Like the other Paraway properties of the Southern New South Wales Region, The Bulls Run is closely linked to the Paraway network of producers.  It regularly purchases replacement ewes from other Paraway sheep stations and lucerne, wheat, corn, oats and barley are sold from the property to other Paraway properties.

The Bulls Run boasts a historic homestead and woolshed, as well as a number of comfortable staff houses.  The property has well-developed infrastructure, with multiple yards and wooldsheds, brand new silos and eight centre pivot irrigation systems.