Environmental Social Governance

Paraway strives to operate in a manner which is consistent with a high performing “triple bottom line” investment. We build value for our investors by sustainably maximising the production capability of our land, caring for our animals in a manner which maximises their health and wellbeing and being an active and contributing member of the communities in which we operate. Our goal is to farm animals ethically and sustainably, provide employment opportunities for people in regional Australia and provide outstanding financial returns for our investors.

Paraway adheres to and operates within the five UN Principles in Responsible Investment in Farmland

These principles are:

Principle 1: Promote Environmental Sustainability

Principle 2: Respect Labour and Human Rights

Principle 3: Respect Existing Land and Resource Rights

Principle 4: Uphold High Business & Ethical Standards

Principle 5: Report on Activities and Progress Towards Implementing and Promoting the Principles

In addition to this, the company is aligned to the Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) principles. The Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return is an investor initiative aiming to increase the awareness of the impacts of factory farming. Paraway is committed to operating within the FAIRR principles, considering the ESG implications of investment decisions and facilitating transparency with investors.