Newstead Station

Located near the town of Inverell, the historic “Newstead” was acquired by Paraway in 2016 and, along with nearby “Paradise” and the “Burmah” aggregation, is a key component of Paraway’s strategy to deliver consistent, reliable supply of high quality produce to its customers.

Consisting of highly developed and improved pastures & fodder crops, with over 70 paddocks and a reticulated stock watering system, Newstead finishes a large portion of Paraway’s Angus and Wagyu turn off from its breeding enterprises in Central NSW, while also providing a grass finishing option for Northern cattle as well as trade cattle and agistment for external clients.

At 4,964ha, Newstead began life as a sheep station, and was the setting for the famous Tom Roberts painting “Golden Fleece” in 1894. Like much of the surrounding district, it is now predominantly a cattle finishing enterprise with high rainfall and dark basalt soil providing the perfect platform for a rotational grazing enterprise.

The three properties in Paraway’s New England portfolio are under the management of Nick Wood Group Manager Finishing, who is based at Newstead.



Nick Wood (Group Manager, Finishing)
4157 Gwydir Highway
Inverell NSW 2360
Tel: (02) 6723 2275


Property TypeFinishing
Land Size4,964 ha
Carrying Capacity60,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall750-800mm / year