Kalmeta is an 87000 hectare cattle breeding and fattening station in the Southern Gulf region of Queensland. It works closely with the other Paraway properties of the Northern Region, receiving the bulk of its intake from Paraway’s breeder stations. Kalmeta, located 120km northwest of the town of Julia Creek, and was purchased by Paraway in 2009.

Kalmeta grows out steers and other non-replacement cattle from other regional Paraway properties and also runs 4,000 breeding cows, which are control-mated to carefully selected bulls to turn off crossbred weaners. The station is a mix of native land types ranging from open flat country to timbered areas. It is extensively developed with 20 main grazing paddocks, more than 40 man-made water points and three sets of stock yards. This facilitates mustering and allows for a flexible range of management options to adapt to conditions. Mustering is accomplished seasonally by a dedicated team, largely by horseback but also working on motorbikes or by helicopter.

The homestead complex is well-equipped with staff living, dining and recreation facilities.




Ross & Carlea Myhill
Lot 4415 Wills Development Road
Julia Creek QLD 4823
Tel: 07 4746 8729
Email: info@paraway.com.au


Property TypeCattle breeding
Land Size87,000 ha
Carrying Capacity17,400 AE
Average Annual Rainfall543mm / year