Steam Plains Station

Steam Plains is situated 35 kilometres north of Conargo in the Western Riverina district of New South Wales.  At 46,395 hectares, it is one of the largest sheep properties in the region.

In addition to breeding Merino sheep, Steam Plains also runs a cattle backgrounding operation which targets EU accredited cattle and operates cropping enterprises including winter cereals and oil seeds.

In 2007 Paraway purchased Steam Plains, which it later expanded with the addition of Euroka Station in 2008.  The aggregation’s diverse range of enterprises keeps it busy throughout the year, however the property consistently balances the rigors of productivity with a demand for exceptional quality.

Steam Plain’s open landscape, combination of native and introduced grasses and abundant water sources make it ideal for livestock production. The Merino flock routinely achieves high lambing rates and carcass weights and its trade cattle are grown to meet internationally rigorous standards.

The property’s rich black soils and well-developed irrigation system make it well-suited to a range of dual purpose cropping enterprises across all seasons.


Callum McLean
Private Bag 9 via Conargo NSW 2710
Tel: (03) 5886 7121


Property TypeMerino sheep breeding, prime lamb production, cattle backgrounding and cropping
Land Size46,395 ha
Carrying CapacityApproximately 45,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall360mm / year