Gregory Downs Station

Gregory Downs Station is a large-scale cattle breeding operation encompassing 266,425 hectares of native grazing land in Northern Queensland.  It runs approximately 30,000 Brahman cattle, which are ideally suited to the conditions of the Gulf Region.

Gregory Downs has a good balance of land types.  Black soil downs country and seasonally flooded river flats produce good grazing through the dry season, while woodlands and low hills provide elevated grazing areas through the wet.  Steers and heifer weaners from Gregory Downs are sold to Paraway’s Queensland finishing stations.

With 85 kilometres of frontage to the Gregory River, Gregory Downs has an abundant permanent supply of running water in addition to the station’s 65 man-made stock watering points.  The homestead complex is situated along the river, providing a scenic location for station employees to live and work.

Gregory Downs also comprises Gregory Farm, a 338 hectare farm that bales both irrigated forage crops and some seasonal native grasses.  Hay is sold to the northern Paraway properties and other surrounding stations.



Jason and Hannah Simms
PMB 6 Mount Isa QLD 4825
Tel: (07) 4748 5584


Property TypeCattle breeding
Land Size266,425 ha
Carrying CapacityApproximately 30,000 AE
Average Annual Rainfall600mm / year