Oxley Station

Purchased in 2011, Oxley Station has been a welcome addition to Paraway’s beef cattle operations in Northern New South Wales.  At 35,249 hectares, it is the company’s largest cattle property in the region, running upwards of 10,000 head of Angus cattle.

Oxley is situated at the edge of the Macquarie Marshes and on the banks of the Macquarie River.  River alluvial soil and seasonal flooding support healthy pastures, which provided excellent feed for cattle.  The property is divided into 35 well-fenced paddocks and includes three modern cattle yards.  In addition to the natural water sources, it has extensive bores, tanks and a water reticulation system.

The property includes several comfortable homes for the staff and their families.  The Oxley staff are also active and welcome members of the wider rural community.



Greg Murie
Warren NSW 2824
Email: info@paraway.com.au


Property TypeAngus cattle breeding and fattening
Land Size35,249 ha
Carrying CapacityApproximately 77,880 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall450mm / year