Merrimba Station

Merrimba is a large-scale grazing and cropping property set between the towns of Coonamble and Warren in Northern New South Wales.  Its primary enterprise is Merino sheep breeding and wool production, although it also runs trade cattle as seasons permit and grows dryland winter crops.

Merrimba Station is situated on 19,097 hectares of open plains with some lightly timbered country.  The property is well equipped for its range of enterprises with a patchwork of paddocks and fields, a network of bores, tanks, troughs and other water sources, as well as multiple sheds and yards.

The primary homestead is a leafy, shaded complex situated at a bend in Back Creek, which cuts across the property.  In addition to the main homestead, there are comfortable cottages and quarters for the staff and their families, as well as for the seasonal influx of shearers and other contract staff.  Staff from Merrimba are able to participate in sporting events and social communities in nearby Coonamble and Warren.



James McLean
Warren NSW 2824
Tel: (02) 6833 2026


Property TypeMerino sheep breeding, cattle breeding and fattening
Land Size19,097 ha
Carrying CapacityApproximately 31,850 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall450mm / year