Pier Pier

Pier Pier is a 31,603 hectare aggregate of five original property holdings purchased by Paraway in 2011.  The property engages in a mix of enterprises; including sheep, trade cattle and cropping.

Pier Pier Station runs a self-replacing Merino flock using Pooginook bred Merino rams. A portion of the Merino flock is also joined to Dorset Rams to produce first cross terminal lambs. When the season permits, Pier Pier trades cattle to be finished to feedlot entry weights on fodder cropping country.

Pier Pier has approximately 5,100 hectares of arable cropping country used for producing predominantly cash crops as well as fodder crops for its livestock enterprises.

The country varies from heavy black to light red sandy soils and ranges from open country to light timber.  This varied terrain lends itself well to the assorted enterprises the station operates, with some areas being best suited to sheep while others are ideal cattle fattening country.

Pier Pier is made up of a collection of five original properties with comfortable staff accommodation located at various locations on the property.


Kieran McHugh
Coonamble NSW 2829
Tel: (02) 6824 1584
Email: info@paraway.com.au


Property TypeSheep breeding, cattle fattening and cropping
Land Size31,603 ha
Carrying CapacityApproximately 48,000 DSE
Average Annual Rainfall420mm / year