Moira Runda

Moira Runda

Located 52km west of Condamine and 100km east of Roma, Moira Runda was acquired in 2018 and aggregated following the purchase of nearby Murilla in 2021. The properties provide excellent diversification for Paraway’s finishing capabilities particularly relating to the Northern properties, advantageous due to close proximity to markets.

Moira Runda is well watered and mainly comprises Brigalow and Belah melon hole country with well-developed pastures. It has approximately 1,400 hectares of developed dryland cultivation country which complements the cattle finishing business growing fodder crops for grazing, silage and hay.

Murilla is situated on the Condamine River and is located 180km west of Dalby. The country primarily consists of improved Buffel pastures.

The aggregation will background approximately 6,000 head of cattle which will be internally sourced from the Northern portfolio.


Will McPhee
997 Schwennesens Rd
Glenmorgan QLD 4423
Tel: (07) 4623 5950


Property TypeCattle Finishing
Land Size12,510 ha
Average Annual Rainfall618mm / year